Pepeprl+Fuchs was founded in 1945 in Mannheim – Germany, based on the principles of inventiveness, entrepreneurial foresight and self-reliance. This led to the invention of the proximity switch in 1959, an innovation marking the starting point of Pepperl+Fuchs unending success, including the first transistor amplifier with an intrinsically safe control circuit.

Pepperl+Fuchs is now known around the world as a true pioneer and innovator of sensor technology with around 6000 worldwide employees all dedicated to the task of designing and manufacturing the products to advance your business. With over 70 years of experience in understanding their customers individual needs, Pepperl+Fuchs have become true market leaders you can depend upon. We have thousands of Pepperl+Fuchs products on our system, meaning we can support you no matter what your needs may be. With everything from encoders to photoelectric sensors, Zener barriers to power supplies, counters to proximity switches and much more.